Breatering manhole, fire breathing manhole is installed in the tank safety emergency ventilation device on the top, usually use and fire breathing valve supporting, not only can prevent accidental causes
Into the tank sharp overpressure or vacuum, damaged tanks and accidents, but also can play the role of fire safety, safety protection device is a tank, especially suitable for the storage materials to
The atmospheric tank nitrogen cap. With constant pressure discharge, the constant pressure suction, advantages of flexible open closed, safe fire retardant, compact structure, good sealing performance, safety and reliability etc..

Flame arrester is used to prevent flammable gas, liquid and prevent the spread of the flames caused by tempering safety device of explosion, widely used in petroleum and chemical industry etc.. Metal mesh in a flame arrester is mainly composed of many pores, these pores has heat dissipation function is very strong, when the flame through the mesh, the wall heat is very strong, each by a layer of metal mesh, the heat of the flame will continue to be a metal net absorption, when the heat comes to not make the combustible gas mixture combustion, the flame went out. After a period of time, the mesh is easy to plug, thus affecting the flame through, must always be clean, flame arrester structure of the traditional complex, disassembly and cleaning is time-consuming and laborious, for equipment maintenance inconvenience.

Aiming at the shortcomings of the existing fire resistance, the utility model provides a drawer type resistance model of fire breathing manhole.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model measures:
A drawer type fire retardant breathing manhole, which comprises a valve body, the valve body is provided with a flange at the bottom of the valve body is provided with a flame arrester, middle, top is provided with a seat body, the pressure release cover installed in the seat at the top of the sliding positioning bracket, positioning bracket is provided with a guide screw and a positioning screw, screws with electrostatic conduction band, relief cap is provided with a breathing valve.

Flame arrester is composed of a metal net with holes.
The fire resistance material is stainless steel 304.
Electrostatic conduction materials for copper.
The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient disassembly: cleaning, corrosion resistant, explosion-proof performance is strong, ventilation volume.
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